Aug 03

We attended an all day conference by Wealth Masters International’s (WMI) executive committee in  Oslo, Norway.
This was already the second WMI conference we attended this year, and again we loved it!

WMI’s Ceo Kip Herriage, and President Karl Bessey flew over from the United States to Norway.
Memebers of WMI and guests made their way to the conference, from England, the Netherlands and the Scandinavian Countries to learn more about Wealth Masters International business opportunity and also to meet the leaders personal and have a chat.

WMI just recently opened their second office in Oslo, Norway, and we were very curious why Norway?
We had the honor to meet and talkwith Karl Bessey again, and ask him some questions.

Aug 03

Gerald Celente is a trend expert, visionary, keynote speaker,and trusted worldwide as the foremost authority on forecasting, analyzing and tracking trends. We had the honor to hear Gerald Celente speak at the M2 Wealth Conference in Florida, march 2010.

While every m2 speaker was magical in their own way, we instantly knew we were in for something special when Gerald grooved his way onto stage with his own hand-picked walking music. This author, speaker, futurist, founder of The Trends Journal and advisor to world leaders knows how to forge a direct and personal connection to his audience. Through a series of instantly relatable examples, Gerald outlined what it means to forecast the future, how he goes about it, and why we should all learn to do it for ourselves. Using anecdotes from history and current events, sometimes shocking, sometimes hysterically funny, he taught us how we fail to see what’s coming by avoiding obvious signs all around us that we don’t want to see or hear. Step by step, he made a case for returning to values like courage, dignity, passion and self-respect. No matter how frightening the social, economic or political forecast might be, his inspiring presentation helped us to realize that if we stay true to those values, we have everything we need to reach the future in great shape!

"If something is going to affect your life, it's best to know as much as you can about it." - Donald J. Trump

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