May 15

During the hot summer seasons, one of the famous things that people do is none other than to go to the beaches. Beach volleyball is a popular sport played on the beach. Beach volleyball tournaments are held during the hot summer months where people can enjoy both the sun and stay fit. But more than just a game, they say that there’s a connection between beach volleyball and entrepreneurship.

Being an entrepreneur is more than just having to sell something, be it a physical product or services. The process that a new business owner will have to go through in order for him or her to be successful in their business endeavors can be a long and sometimes troublesome journey. But like what most people who have become successful in global entrepreneurship have to say, running a business is like a game of sport.

Entrepreneurs say that there is actually a very close relation between sports and businesses, not to mention that most of the popular sports figures have an inclination to be an advertiser for companies or sometime become a part owner of one. However, in reality, the business world is actually like a sports tournament. Businesses involve players, a set of rules and a playing court.

Like a sports team, even a single owned business still requires teamwork and cooperation between the owner and the entire staff. Everyone must work together and perform their different roles in the company in order for the entire business operation to run smoothly. The quality of the teamwork displayed within the business will greatly affect how the customers will respond to the products or services that are being sold to them. Both in court and businesses, the teams that don’t work together as a whole will eventually lose to their competitors.

It is important that all the members of the team know their different roles and function in the business. This also means that they should have a clear business strategy that they can follow. Coming up with sound business strategies shouldn’t only be the job of the coach or business owner, sometimes the members can share their insights and observations on how the business might be able to improve its performance. The main role of the business owner is to exercise good leadership skills. If something needs to be changed, it is the leader who should first execute the needed change. The example set by the owner of the business is a strong motivation for all the people involved in the business organization.

Like the game of beach volleyball, entrepreneurs should expect that there will always be ups and downs in their business. But always remember that what’s important is that you do what you love and you’re having fun even during the down times. Always go the extra mile and please your customers. Keep in mind that it is not about winning or losing but it is doing what you love the most.

"If something is going to affect your life, it's best to know as much as you can about it." - Donald J. Trump

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