Who are P&B?

We hope that after going through the information containing on this page, you will have a good idea of who we are, what we do and why we do what we do, and most importantly how we can assist YOU!!

Who are We?

We are two students turned internet entrepreneurs.

We are your teachers, your coaches and your business development manager. We are here to educate you to leverage the internet to make a lucrative income from home.

If you let us guide you through this journey, and take the steps you need to take,then yes you too will have a great story to share with your family and friends about how your Internet business finally took off!

It will be you who will receive all the credit, yes only you, because only you can make it happen.
We will be there along the way, we will show you the exact success formula, the exact steps you need to take, we will teach you and coach you. However the real change, the turning point in your business will come only from you deciding to succeed and taking action towards the necessary steps to make your success a reality.

Our purpose of this blog is for you to get to know us better and of course bring great value to all the newbies, entrepreneurs, and everybody else interested in Network Marketing.

Sit back and enjoy while we let you in our life’s and in on little known secrets of the Rich&Famous.

Now you might think, how the hell did these two become Entrepreneurs?!

To make this a bit clear we have to go back in time a bit.

Pedro’s  journey

I was born and raised on the beautiful coast of Santos, Brazil, into an middle class family, I am only child and so very spoiled:p…just kidding. At the age of twelve we moved to an other exotic place called, Vila Velha in the state of Espirito Santo. I am very grateful of my youth and spending it with my parents. We traveled all around Brazil, and I have seen the most beautiful beaches.
Still I knew very early on that I was different and that there is an whole other world out there, outside of Brazil.  I had burning desire for more in my life, this burning desire still drives me to this day.

My parents are my biggest role models and they support me in everything I do.

It was because of them and their open minds, that I was able to come to the Netherlands, as an exchange student at the age of 17 in August 2006. I lived together with an amazing Dutch family for 10 months. I learned their culture, their language, their way of living and everything else taught in the Netherlands;).

After this period I went back to Brazil, I saw my family and friends again. It was a great experience, my time in the Netherlands. But being back in Brazil, I realized that if i wanted to achieve big things in life, I had to go for it, stand on my own feet and get it myself. Luckily I saw these opportunities in the Netherlands. So after being in Brazil for 6 months, I decided to apply for an University in the Netherlands. In 2007 I came back to the Netherlands to pursue my college dream.

First Failure

As a foreign exchange student you have to pay everything for yourself and living here isn’t exactly cheap. Of course my parents worked in Brazil, but my expenses and living costs were too high for my parents. As a full-time student you can understand that I couldn’t get a full-time job, and I tried working part-time jobs which was a bad idea, because in the end I didn’t make enough money and my grades got worse.  The first University I attended, things did not go as planned and unfortunately I did not make it the first year.

Never give up!

However I did not give up, I knew that if I would quit I had to go back to Brazil, I would not have the opportunities in life that I have in the Netherlands. Next to that Brazilians never give up!

So we are back where we started, and I applied for an other University. Me and my parents worked hard to get the money together to be accepted at the University. In the mean time I was just crashing at friends and was working lousy jobs to save some money and making ends meet. Who has not been there?!

Lets do this…Again

Few months later I moved to the north of the Netherlands, , I got an awesome room in the city center and I started my first year fresh again. This time I knew part time jobs would not help me through my 4 year Bachelor course. I had to find an other way to make money, be able to go to school and leverage all of this from home.

So I went on the internet and started searching. All I can say now that I did not know exactly  what I was looking for.

I must say… I firmly believe in the law of attraction.  So I can’t really say that I discovered this system, as much as it discovered me.

Life Changing Ad

It was then when I came across an ad and a guy named John.

Let me tell you in short how I came across the ad. I was getting ready for my Beach volleyball training, and I was watching a volleyball video on you tube. By the way Beach Volleyball is what I love, love to do since the age of 12. I am a big fan of volleyball and have been playing it everywhere I go( but that’s a story for an other time;)).
Then at the end of the video this guy appeared named John, He talked about that he loved volleyball and how he was able to enjoy the game, do the things he loves next to having an own online business as an entrepreneur. He was creating his own schedule and leveraging all of this while working from home. Of course at the beginning I was a bit skeptical but it did make me curious. So I started my research, about him, and about what he could mean for me and my parents, because that is what its all about. I contacted John and started asking questions. At first I didn’t believe him for a second, but then he showed me a lot of people who were able to do the same thing and reach their financial goal. The proof was impossible to deny and whole new world opened up to me.

As a student I must say this sounded very appealing.

After my due diligence I had enough courage to show it to my girlfriend, Belqis, who of course also had  a lot of questions and doubts. But that is Oke, it is normal. There is too much trash out there on the internet, that we always have to stop and take a good look at it before making any decisions.

After a month we made the decision to go for it. My guts told me:  It’s now or never dude.
I followed my instincts and today I can proudly say it has been the best decision I made in my life,  so far( I am still very young:D).

Why we chose to do what we do!

We are both business students and love the business life style. We both knew that we wanted to be entrepreneurs early on in life and we knew that we did not want a 9 to 5 job, working for someone else. Anyhow we were going to school and we were hoping to gain the knowledge to survive out there in the business world. Soon we found out that what they teach us students is, to be able to go and work for someone else, be on time, do your homework, do not make mistakes, do this do that, listen and don’t question the system and specially don’t doubt the system. Not exactly what we had in mind.

Next to entrepreneurship, we love to travel and want to see as much as possible from the world.Enjoy all the great cultures, food and people around the world. This has been a burning desire for both of us as long as we can remember. And of course who does not wants to have financial freedom!? No worries and hassle about bills and life expenses. Just to be able to focus on your life goal and go for it!

Fortunately we saw that our goals could be realized with the opportunity John talked about.

We then soon realized for ourselves, that this system gives us the opportunity to create our own life’s, exactly how we want it to be. It gives us the freedom to go and do what we want to do. It gives us the tools to focus and go after our life goal and get where we wanted to be, wherever that is!

We LOVE what we do especially because we believe we create entrepreneurs. Our system creates entrepreneurs today in this world. We believe entrepreneurs
are the salvation of today’s crisis. They are the one who create jobs and opportunities. We don’t believe in the government getting us out of this crisis. They are not solving the problems with new and creative solutions but they rather do the exact same thing that created this crisis in the first place (Through printing out Trillions in Bail out money). If you are interested and would like to know more about this subject, we recommend a great book by Robert Kiyosaki, named: Conspiracy of the Rich, The 8 new rules of money.

And next to all this, the great thing about the system is that anybody can succeed regardless of their financial situation, experience, location or background.

Next to the system, the personal growth that we have achieved the last year is just priceless and the income has been phenomenal.

We are not going to candy coat what we have here. This is a very real business. If you will bring your work ethic to the table, follow the system we have in place and most importantly, HAVE FUN and BELIEVE, it will all come together for you.

We did it. And we are here to tell you it is possible.  There is a way to achieve the life you’ve always wanted… and we are living proof.

Now that we are able to learn from the best of the best leaders, use the best system and tools out there for this industry, to make 6 figures working from home. We created a new mission to help thousands of other entrepreneurs to do the exact same thing, to copy our formula and duplicate our success. We are talking now about a whole new level to create 10 Millionaires by 2019.

If you would like to have a story like mine, then do the same thing I did. Put you name and email address in the form below and be prepared to learn about the same opportunity that turned my life around.

We thank you for stopping by on our blog, make sure to check back with us as we update our blog daily.

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5 Responses to “Who are P&B?”

  1. Leonie Hakvoort says:

    I want to know the secret of this formula!

  2. Pedro & Belqis says:

    You are on the right track girl! Keep in touch, I would love to help you further!
    How are you on the book I send to you? Keep me posted.

    Make Everyday Count!

  3. Sounds, interesting.. I would love to be part of your creation, to be the 1 out of 100 millionaires in 2012!


  4. Cool Irwan, We would love to have you on board.=)
    Which course do you Study? I know some good people who studied before with me that are also in Den Haag.
    Thanks for the visit bro.
    Make it a great Weekend.

  5. Dian Puspita Sari says:

    i have some business ideas, but never come to happen! somehow its just stuck in the middle of the progress. im studying European Law, and my thesis is about European Food Law. Before i came to the Netherlands i worked for my family business at my home country, Indonesia, Log trading and furniture industries. I was more concern to the environment (because we sold so much woods and wood products! scary! ) than to my own business, really, and in that point, i felt like i was doing it halfway, because my heart said it was a bad thing to exploit so much of the country’s resources 🙁
    im interested in your story, and would love to learn the system, that of course, not effecting environment so much 🙂
    i am open to any suggestions and new learning experiences. i am eager to know more about you do.

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