Aug 14

Good day folks! It’s with honor that I share this post with you today to celebrate the victory of Belqis Askaryar. She is the person behind the curtains, responsible for the success of Hora da Fome, PHC-BR international and Fashion House. For many years she has been involved with these businesses never having the time to finish her studies. Two years ago  she woke up on day ad made her mind that she would go back to school and finish what she started.

Here bellow is the result:

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PS:  To our future selves: WE DID IT!

May 10

Today its just about having fun in the beautiful city of Arnhem in The Netherlands. Here are some fun facts about Arnhem:

Arnhem, the capital of the province of Gelderland, is the greenest city of Europe. This is due to the many large parks (including nature park Sonsbeek), but also to the location on the southern edge of the Veluwe. Arnhem is also known as a fashion city, thanks to the ArtEZ fashion academy and the international ‘Mode Biënnale’ event.

Arnhem played a crucial role during the Second World War. From 17 to 25 September 1944, the “Battle of Arnhem” took place. It was part of Operation Market Garden: a large ground and air offensive by the Allies, focusing on important bridges across Dutch rivers, that provided access to the Western part of the Netherlands and the German Ruhr. The last and most critical objective of the operation, the Rhine Bridge in Arnhem, could not be reached in time. The bridge turned out to be ‘a bridge too far’ making the bridge and the city synonymous with unavoidable defeat. Arnhem gained world-wide attention, which was also bolstered by Cornelius Ryan’s book and the movie by Richard Attenborough from 1977. It is estimated that the loss of this battle prolonged the war by half a year and made the northern part of the Netherlands suffer through a long hunger winter.

Places of interest

Besides the beautiful nature areas around Arnhem, the city centre offers many places of interest such as the Dutch Open Air Museum and the large, modern Burgers’ Zoo. In the renovated ‘Hartenstein’ Airborne Museum in Oosterbeek visitors can experience the Battle of Arnhem for themselves.

Arnhem has a rich history, which is reflected by the 39 medieval cellars under the inner city. The Sint-Eusebiuskerk (or Grote Kerk) is the most important church of Arnhem. It boasts a 39 metre high tower. Arnhem has a bustling nightlife with regional appeal. The Korenmarkt and its direct surroundings are known for their many bars, nightclubs, and other hospitality facilities.

You gotta love the Netherlands (source:

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