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Welcome to Business Strategy with PHC-BR, in our video today you will learn 3 simple hacks you can apply immediately to start becoming more productive in your work. Its not hard but it will require you have a burning desire in your hearth to succeed and become better.

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Jul 11

This are some notes I made from one video training I watched from Amish Shah. I personally follow this steps and I share the same strategies with my fellow team mates. For you to see any results with these steps you must persist without exception.

6 Steps for perfect life

Step 1 – Knowing What You Want

  • Write down what you truly enjoy doing
  • Pick the item that you are most passionate about
  • Write down how you would use that Passionate Item to change yourself, your life and the world
  • Write down a description of your Perfect Day incorporating that Passion
  • Write down specific goals that are part of Your Vision
  • Write down the Action Steps you need to take to Accomplish your Goals
  • Rank your Action Steps from Most Important to Least Important

Step 2 – Believe In Your Success

  • Read Your Perfect Day
  • Read Your Goals
  • Read Your Action Steps
  • Ask Yourself – Do I Feel This Is Achievable?
  • If Not – Go To Step 1

Step 3 – Become Passionate

  • Start Journal
  • On first Couple Pages – Write down your Goals, Perfect Day, and Action Steps (Mission Statement)
  • Take the most Important Action Step and Implement
  • Take your least important action step and implement
  • Did you Implement?
  • Write down the most important and least important action steps and what actions you took to implement them
  • Reinforcement!!!
  • Cross out the completed action steps from your Journal
  • Write down what you have to do tomorrow
  • Read Your Mission Statement Pages
  • Read what you have accomplished with your action steps
  • Read what you have to do still
  • Say OUT LOUD what you are grateful for and FEEL GOOD



Step 4 – Become Present (living It)

  • Do You Feel Clarity?
  • Meditate
  • Drink Water
  • Exercise
  • Healthy Food
  • Am I Achieving Results?

Step 5 – Be Positive

  • Do I Enjoy What I AM doing?
  • If Not – Reevaluate
  • If Yes – Do I enjoy the results I AM getting?  ( I AM –  I ASCENDED MASTER)

Step 6 – Be Persistent

  • Review Your Action Steps
  • Identify which Action Steps don’t let me Progress
  • Write That Item  Down
  • Create Action Steps To Overcome That Bottleneck



The S4 Meditation

  • Sacrifice + Self Improvement + Study = Success

a)      Sacrifice = Giving Up Something Bad or Getting Past Something Painful

b)      Self-Improvement =  What I  Want to Change

c)      Study =  The Education of What I want to Change

d)      Success = Satisfaction => Change

 Did you like this strategy? Share your story with me and stay tune for more.

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"If something is going to affect your life, it's best to know as much as you can about it." - Donald J. Trump

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