John Teks Testimonial

Pedro Marques ‘PHChagas BR’ Testimonial Volleyball Style.

Check out Our Awesome, amazing, inspiring, mentor and coach John Teks. This video shows really how creative and inspiring he is!  Thanks a lot for everything! It has been an amazing journey and you were there with us the whole time, holding us accountable and letting us know what we where doing it for. We just want to thank you for all your time and effort spending with/on us. And of course it was amazingggg meeting you in Miami and hanging out! We just had an awesome time and a life changing experience! Thanks again! Much love and blessings! Pedro & Belqis

Froylan Silveira Testimonial


My Great friend and business partner, Froylan Silveira, thank you very much for the kind words! It also amazing to meet you finally at the Wealth conference! All the way from Venezuela this great leader came to Florida to attend a one of a kind conference! It was great masterminding with you and we still have a lot to do;)! We will be in touch and you also keep the great work up! Enjoy your ride! Cheers, Pedro & Belqis

Shaqir Hussyin Testimonial>

Shaqir Hussyin……hmmm – a truly smashing INDIVIDUAL! (i think so too)
(currently im travellin the world, speaking at events, hangin out in cafe’s, having boatloads of fun, making a ton of money, helping entrepreneurs succeed, giving back… walking around with a silly looking grin)

haha Life is AWESOME!!!

😀 that is his own words to describe him perfectly! He is a great friend and leader! A real great inspiring person and fun to hang out with! Thank you Shaqir for the kind words! Much success and Happiness!  Pedro & Belqis


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