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Traveling to Norway Promoting Branding yourself

We are blessed to be able to travel and do the things we want in life. Not so long ago, we went to Florida for a our very first conference in Network Marketing, and we LOVED it!
Now again we were fortunate to be able to go to Oslo, Norway to meet our Scandinavian business partners. It was a very valuable trip, got to see and experience the way our Norwegian friends do business over there, because it is booming!!

While traveling and doing what we love to do, we are able to do our business as well, Gotta love the mobility of our business!
So I would like to share a valuable lesson, I learned during my time in Network Marketing,how to promote and brand yourself online.

Check it out and let me know your opinions and feedback, excited to hear from YOU!

Internet Marketing Promotion not Pyramid Stuff

We get asked a lot if it is Pyramid stuff what we do for business, and sometimes people don’t even bother to ask and already make their own judgment about it. So that is why we wanted to set the record straight for once and explain that it has to do with Internet Marketing Promotion and Network Marketing.

We do not try to sell some random products, but we rather create Entrepreneurs, help those who see the opportunities on the internet and want to make an extra income from it.

We love to share our knowledge with you as we grow in this business and keep you updated through our Blog.

So if you are thinking that this is something you are interested in and you want to take a look at some Marketing Strategies and Network Marketing online, that we use for our business and what got us where we are now today.
And I am talking about the very Exact methods we use, and that we also teach to our international team of network marketers around the globe.
We invite you to subscribe to our Free Marketing Training –> on our blog. So you can get a taste of what we are doing and how it is done online in this Industry. and YES it is for Free!

Our Trip to Miami Part 1 in Groningen

This is the start of our great adventure to Miami, United States. Me and my girlfriend attended a Wealth Conference in Boca Raton, Florida. But before the conference we took also the time to see and enjoy Miami of course. It was our first time in the United States, and we went straight to one of the hottest places in US. We met a lot of great people at the Wealth Conference and Master Marketing Event. We networked with great inspiring and successful people from all over the world and all walks of life. Awesome experience to look back at and realize why we do what we do!

Our Trip to Miami Part 2 in Detroit

On our way to Miami, We had quick stop in Detroit. We were able to stretch our legs after 9 hours from Amsterdam straight to Detroit.
We had 2 hours at the airport, and we are totally excited to be on US territory haha! Few more hours and we are going to be in Miamiiii! Just in between we had a quick message to share with you guys! So check it out!

Trip to Miami Part 3 in Miami

Yeaaa we did it! We are in Miammmiii!! Wow can you see the difference! When I saw these three videos later on after one another, I totally saw the huge difference, between these places clearly!
After being two years in the Netherlands, not even being able to go back to my own country to visit my parents. My first visit across the ocean was to Miami, still today if I think about it I am Amazed!
My parents support me in what I do, so they understood that this trip was very essential and important for me to make. I want to thank them for their support and believe in me!
And thanks to my girlfriend, who was there with me from the beginning, and we made it together allll the way to Miami! We were highhhhh 24/7 just of the fact that we were in Miami and just enjoying ourselves with no worries at all!
It was an amazing experience and it was just the start of the great things that will come into our lives NEXT!

Hope you guys are enjoying it a bit by seeing these videos and believing in yourself that You too can do this! All and everything is possible!

Feel the energy given!

Stay tuned, as we will upload more videos from our Miami Trip!


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