May 06

“It’s time to start living the live you’re imagined.”Henry James.
Today I take one hundred percent responsibility for creating the life of abundance I desire.

Are you familiar with the Portuguese language? Are you constantly traveling to Brazil or any other Portuguese speaking country? Do you wish to learn how to speak Portuguese? If you’ve answered yes to any of this questions I’d like to invite you to our 100 Days Portuguese Challenge.

The reason why we create this challenge is  to empower people around the world who wishes to learn a new skill in a short time.
We believe that if you commit yourself to making 1% improvement each day, the logical result must be that your new skill will get 100% better after 100 days  of daily follow through.  Does 1% mean that we’re asking you to dream small or set low expectations? Absolutely not, what we are saying is that no matter what the size of your goal might be, the only way to reach it from where you are right now is to make consistent, daily progress in the right direction.  If what you’ve been doing in the past to learn Portuguese has failed to get you there, isn’t it time to try a new approach? You’ve already answered YES to one of the three first questions.
Let’s get this started.  This is Day 27 on our series of videos Learning Portuguese in One Minute. Repeat after me:

Táxi & Hotel — Taxi & Hotel
Posso te ajudar? Can I help you?
Quero um quarto de solteiro e outro de casal. I’d like a single room and a double room.
Desculpe, mas está lotado.  I’m sorry. It’s full
Pode falar mais devagar, por favor? Can you speak slower, please?
Muito obrigado! Thank you very much!
Não há de quê. Don’t mention it.

Good Job Today!
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